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Configapk App What It Is And How To Disable It From Your Android

This means that users can find the newest and greatest apps and games in seconds without the need for rooting or jailbreaking. Besides, HappyMod offers a lot of free apps and games, as well as a variety of unofficial apks and mods. An apk file extension is used for Google Android application packages for Android based devices. Apk files are basically a renamed zip files, used to install apps to Android smart phones. To activate unknown resources in the Android operating system of your mobile device, we must first enter the main settings of our mobile device. After entering the main settings section of your phone, we should find the Security or Lock screen and security in that section and enter those sections.

  • Or press the V key or Home key near the center of your remote.
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  • Some protocol buffer tools create a string of classes and methods that can greatly increase the size of your app.
  • Because modified APKs violate Google’s terms and conditions, they are not available in the Play Store; instead, you must obtain them from authorized sources.

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While this isn’t a virus, you shouldn’t worry about it if you want to save battery life. You can disable it by tapping the “Disable” button located in the app. You can then restart your Android phone, which will prevent the app from running in the background. ConfigAPK runs on many Android devices background, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Google devices. Bloatware is another major reason to delete apps. Some manufacturers ship devices with their own apps and third-party applications and games.

Despite the popularity of Android apps, many of these are actually dangerous. Some of these apps disguise themselves as a friend, so you don’t even know they’re there. They may even pose as useful or entertaining to get you to download more malware. Moreover, Google’s Play Store is notorious for its less-than-robust approach to filtering out dangerous content.

In my apps list there’s something called configAPK – it’s only 20kb and I can disable it but I have no idea what it is for. The Android configAPK app is equal to the KLMS agent and it is a part of the device working system and cannot be malware or spyware. A gadget performing weird may be the results of malware invasion. Some of the difficulties because of malware hiding in a questionable app incorporate seeing an on your gadget no matter if the telephone is on a lock screen.

App restrictions

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What Is an APK File? What App Store Website You Should Know

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